My Inside Thoughts Are Poetry

A poetry Collection

 "My Inside Thoughts Are Poetry" is a poetry book published by New York based artist Akiena Louis also known as Agwé (pronounced Ajj-way). Agwé is Akienas’ poet name. She gave herself this name in honor of her Haitian heritage meaning “Spirit of the sea” which is reflective of the water essence her readers feel throughout her poetry collection.

My Inside Thoughts Are Poetry is a collection of 107 pages with poems that share insight on the Author experiences of love, spirituality, and her thoughts on society. Akiena's passionate words forces her readers to think deeper than what is surfaced taking them on a journey through life and existing.

Akiena released “My Inside Thoughts Are Poetry” on November 11, 2018. Since then she has sold over 100 copies independently. Purchase a signed copy by clicking the “purchase book” tab. Unsigned copies of MITAP are available on Amazon.